Christmas special course

¥ 29,040 HATSU Christmas special course (with drink pairing)

* Limited from 12/23 ~ 12/25, only Christmas special course will be offered during these dates.

Chef's Recommended Menu

¥18,150 Chef's Choice Course

¥29,040 Chef's Choice Course + Drink pairing
* Alcoholic or non-alcoholic pairing or drinks are available

Hatsu's Course

This is our signature course, where the menu contents change every month with the inspiration of the chef and the seasonal ingredients available
From the very beginning we have used foraged herbs, vegetables and local produce without sticking to standard and generic fare.
We strive for zero or minimal ingredient waste with preservation techniques such as fermentation, smoking, salting, drying and pickling,
Food Sustainability as a main driving force:
We are always working to create "food that is good for you and your body" and "food that is good for the environment".
Please think about what you can do for the planet and our future and how we can leave as little of a carbon footprint for future generations.
Hatsu Omakase is a course filled with "deliciousness" and "stories", so please look forward to the Hatsu experience when you choose to dine with us.

Listed price includes seating charge and consumer tax.

Reservation Information

About the listed prices

Listed price includes tax and seating charge.10% service fee required at the time of reservation.

About time to visit

Dinner will start exactly at 18:00, so if you arrive late, we apologize and ask for your understanding.
If there are other guests we will proceed as planned.
Please note that if you arrive late, we will only be able to serve you the food that is being prepared for everyone from the time you arrive.

Policy on children

Guests with small children are accepted in the private room. No children's menu is available.

About Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarians accommodated. We are sorry but the restaurant is unable to accommodate vegans or gluten free meals.

About single diners

Reservations for singe-diners are accepted.

Reservations on this official site are required for a reservation.

If you would like a reservation, please fill out the reservation form on this site. Once we can confirm availability, online payment for your course is required for a reservation. Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant can be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.