Chef's Recommended Menu

¥18,150 Chef's Choice Course

¥12,100 Course of the Four Seasons ~Food Sustainability~

Drink Pairing Course

¥10,890 Pairing with Wine

¥7,260 Pairing with Specially-made Juice

Listed price includes seating charge and consumer tax.

Reservation Information

About the listed prices

Listed price includes tax and seating charge.10% service fee required at the time of reservation.

Policy on children

Guests with small children are accepted in the private room. No children's menu is available.

About Dietary Restrictions

Vegetarians accommodated. We are sorry but the restaurant is unable to accommodate vegans or gluten free meals.

About single diners

Reservations for singe-diners are accepted.

Reservations on this official site are required for a reservation.

If you would like a reservation, please fill out the reservation form on this site. Once we can confirm availability, online payment for your course is required for a reservation. Any additional orders that you make for food or drink at the restaurant can be paid for at the restaurant after your meal.

※For guests who would like to have the drink pairing course, please order directly at the restaurant on the day of your reservation.