Greetings from the Chef

About the chef: Chef Kohei Masumoto began his journey into the culinary world and French cuisine after graduating high school and becoming captivated by the rich local ingredients of the four seasons, from both the sea and mountain, of the Aki Region in Hiroshima.
He moved to Denmark in 2006. After working for two years at the Japanese Embassy, he began his training for 8 years in traditional Denmark cuisine and New Nordic cuisine at the 4-star restaurant "Restaurant Salt" in Copenhagen Admiral Hotel. In 2015, he returned to Osaka, Japan. After becoming the sous-chef at Intercontinental Hotel Osaka, he became the head chef at West Japan Railway Company's luxury express train "Mizukake." He opened HATSU in 2018.

The desire to express and show the wonderful ingredients found in Japan and its amazing culture to the world is what moved me to return to Japan.
As my colleagues have done in Denmark, it is my wish to show the true wonders of the food culture in Japan to the world.

Kohei Masumoto

Avant-garde Japanese Cuisine Created by Chef Masumoto

During his extended stay overseas, Chef Masumoto rediscovered his admiration for the wonders of Japanese culture and cuisine and expresses this in his 11 to 14 dish course, each filled with premium seasonal ingredients from across the country. Under the theme "WA (Japanese culture) + Fermentation + Aroma," the Chef intends to provide his guests with "first-time surprises."
The menu transforms from day-to-day. It is made only by using the freshest and most in-season ingredients, which Chef Masumoto personally selects during his search for ingredients across Japan.
Experience the skills and experience of a chef trained under the top culinary artists of the golden age of Europe's dining culture, and enjoy the true wonders of Japan's most premium ingredients.

Pairing Dishes with the Perfect Wine, Japanese Sake and Juice.

HATSU offers a fantastic pairing of natural wines and Japanese sake with its avant-garde cuisine, emphasizing its compatibility, natural flavors, and health benefits. A wide selection of homemade juices and non-alcoholic wines from various countries are also available for those who cannot partake in alcohol.
Get a taste of Hatsu's world view by enjoying a delightful pairing course together with its famous cuisine.